What are the doctors’ philosophies and treatment styles?

We believe that most causes of pain and/or injury to the musculoskeletal system are attributed to chronic muscular imbalances. This statement applies to all conditions except injuries related to traumatic events (i.e. motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, etc.). Our body is designed to have very specific strength ratios for proper biomechanical function. However, as we go through our everyday activities we develop only the muscles that we use. Over time, this causes some areas to be stronger than others. Now you have developed a specific condition where unequal forces and stress are acting on your joints. This leads to pain in joints and surrounding tissues, usually following an insignificant event such as sleeping or bending over to tie your shoes.

Initially, our treatment addresses the reduction of your initial pain or discomfort. Once the symptoms are under control we evaluate the strength of all the muscles in the area of complaint. Finally, we will implement a strengthening and stretching program specific to your needs to complete your treatment, and to prevent symptoms from reoccurring.